DynaGen has set itself apart from others in the industry¬†by building a foundation based on three main characteristics. Over the years customers have come to know these characteristics as “Reliable“, “Rugged“, and “Easy to Integrate“.

1. Reliable

DynaGen products go through the harshest and most thorough product testing in the industry. Reliability is an obsession, and that is why you will receive an industry-leading 5-year warranty on all controllers.

2. Rugged

Customers don’t often have their engine equipment protected from the environment or from the exposure to vibration, electronic noise, and other harsh working conditions. Customer feedback and repeat business proves that year after year DynaGen products stand up to the most extreme environments.

3. Ease of Integration

Engine equipment of all shapes and sizes need a control solution that can be easily integrated and quick to install. Time is important when you’re in a competitive industry that is why getting your product to market quickly can make a big difference. To make life easy, customers are constantly¬†supported with expert application advice, pre-built harnessess, wiring diagrams, and responsive technical assistance.

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