Power Generation

8.0Kw to 600Kw

Standard Generator Unit

  • Liquid cooled diesel engine
  • Single Bearing CSA Approved Generator
  • Low oil pressure and high water temperature safety shutdown system
  • Key start panel with hour meter, oil pressure, and coolant gauges
  • Radiator assembly
  • Exhaust muffler assembly
  • Air cleaner assembly
  • Battery cables
  • Units are serviced, load tested and mounted on heavy duty skid with antivibration mounts

Optional Accessories

  • Auto-start panel
  • Custom AC electrical distribution panel
  • AC Metering panel
  • Fuel/water separator filter
  • Remote oil drain
  • Oil and coolant level site glass/shutdown safety system
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Engine coolant heater
  • Silencer muffler system
  • Sub base fuel skid tank
  • Positive air shut off valve
  • Manual or Electronic governor

Polar Generator Specifications Guide

Power Controls You can Trust

DYNAGEN brings unique functionality and distinctive styling separates your equipment form your competition. Whether it is a standard product or a customized power control solution Dynagen controls will give a competitive edge over your competitors.

Polar Industrial Services is pleased to announce they are the new distributor for Dynagen power controls in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The Addition of Dynagen to Polar extensive line up will allow them to produce equipment that will give you a competitive, labor savings advantage over your competition. Having supplied controllers to the US Army and NASA Dynagen can provide innovation and engineering excellence to all you power control needs.

Dynagen Website


FOR MORE THAN 45 YEARS, NORAM has provided its customers with innovative, technologically superior centrifugal clutches, clutch brakes, and other power transfer system solutions. We credit our success to the dedication and resourcefulness of our talented engineering team, who carefully analyze and are directly accountable for all project cost, performance, testing and quality specifications for your entire range of centrifugal clutch and clutch brake applications.

CERTIFIED TO ISO 9001:2000 STANDARDS, NORAM’s in-house resources include a dynamometer, copper brazing, and a powder metal division. When it comes to achieving the optimum performance for your engine, why would you consider anything less than NORAM?

Noram Website


Magnum Mobile Generators

Magnum’s line of mobile diesel generators fulfills larger power needs while maintaining exceptional mobility. Built for reliability and toughness, they excel in the most extreme conditions from the heat of the desert to the extreme cold of the Arctic Circle – taking power where and when our customers need it.

10 kw to 600 kw Generator spec sheets

Model Rating Engine Generator Phase Length Width Height Weight
10PM 9kw / 9.9kw 403D-11G ECO3/3LN/4 1 1381mm 438mm 806.2mm 293kg
10PM 9kw / 9.9kw 403D-11G ECO3-2LN/4 3 1381mm 438mm 806.2mm 288.5kg
14PM 12.6KW / 13.9 KW 403D-15G ECO28-1LN/4 1 1345mm 497mm 867.2mm 319kg
14PM 12.6KW / 13.9 KW 403D-15G ECO28-SN/4 3 1265mm 497mm 867.2mm 304kg
20PM 19.3KM / 21.3 KW 404D-22G ECO32-2S/4 1 1282.5mm 464mm 654.2mm 333kg
20PM 19.3KM / 21.3 KW 404D-22G ECO28-2LN/4 3 1206.5mm 464mm 654.2mm 273kg
25PM 25.6KW / 28.3KW 404D-22TG ECO32-1I/4 1 1699mm 590mm 1049.2mm 490kg
25PM 25.6KW / 28.3KW 404D-22TG ECO32-2S/4 3 1574mm 590mm 1049.2mm 441kg
30PM 28.4KW / 31.2KW 404D-22TAG ECO32-1I/4 1 1776mm 711mm 1073.7mm 554kg
30PM 28.4KW / 31.2KW 404D-22TAG ECO32-2S/4 3 1651mm 711mm 1073.7mm 505kg
45PM 41KW / 45KW 1104C-44G2 ECO32-3L/4 1 1888.4mm 652.1mm 1016.2mm 745kg
45PM 41KW / 45KW 1104C-44G2 ECO32-1L/4 3 1888.4mm 652.1mm 1016.2mm 690kg
60PM 54KW / 60KW 1104C-44TG2 ECP34-2S/4 1 2057.5mm 650mm 1052mm 839kg
60PM 54KW / 60KW 1104C-44TG1 ECO32-3L/4 3 1888.4mm 622.1mm 1052.2mm 790kg
80PM 72KW / 80KW 1104C-44TAG1 ECP34-2I4 1 2156.5mm 721mm 1067mm 991kg
80PM 72KW / 80KW 1104C-44TAG1 ECP34-2S/4 3 2076.5mm 721mm 1067mm 919kg
100PM 91.5KW / 101.2KW 1104C-44TAG2 ECO38-1SN/4 1 2147mm 721mm 1067mm 1060kg
100PM 91.5KW / 101.2KW 1104C-44TAG2 ECP34-2L/4 3 2156.5mm 721mm 1067mm 1041kg
130PM 120.5KW / 131.5KW 1106-6TA ECO38-1SN/4 3 1817mm 668mm 924mm 1016kg
140PM 125KW / 140KW 1106D-E66TAG2 ECO38-1SN/4 3 2616mm 780mm 1541mm 1298kg
150PM 135.1KW / 152KW 1106D-E66TAG3 ECO38-1SN/4 3 2616mm 780mm 1541mm 1298kg
175PM 160KW / 175KW 1106D-E66TAG4 ECO38-2SN4 3 2651mm 788mm 1267mm 1348kg
215PM 196KW / 216KW 1306C-E87TAG4 ECO3-3SN/4 3 2755mm 875mm 1369mm 1495kg
350PM 320KW / 350KW 2206DE13TAG2 ECO40-2S/4 3 3056mm 1120mm 1725mm 2596kg
400PM 350KW / 400KW 2206DE13TAG3 ECO40-2S/4 3 3056mm 1120mm 1725mm 2596kg
450PM 400KW / 450KW 2506D-E15TAG1 ECO40-1L/4 3 3899mm 1120mm 1718mm 2957kg
500PM 455KW / 500KW 2506C-E15TAG3 ECO40-2L4 3 3899mm 1120mm 1718mm 3219kg
550PM 550KW / NO PRIME 2506C-E15TAG4 ECO40-2L4 3 3899mm 1120mm 1718mm 3219kg
600PM 545KW / 600KW 2806-E18TAG3 ECO40-2L4 3 3787mm 1536mm 1807.5mm 3636kg

*please note that heights for units from 215PM to 600PM may vary depending on skid design

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